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Name:Five Minute Fandoms
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Ever wondered if Father MacKenzie could have saved Eleanor Rigby? Ever wondered what's really so interesting about the World's Most Interesting Man? Join us here!

What this community is for:

Any "fandom" that can be learned in approximately five minutes or less: songs, music videos, TV commercials, short poetry, artwork, or whatever else you can think of that fits in that category.

We will be posting several such fandoms every week for inspiration, but fic or art for any "five minute fandom" may be posted at any time.

You may PM me, rosehiptea, or post on the inspiration posts to suggest new fandoms to be posted, and as said above you may always post fic, art or recs for any mini-fandom you like.

What this community is not for:

Fic for regular books, regular films, TV series, etc. There are other communities for that. Cross-overs, however, are allowed. If the characters from a commercial end up in the Supernatural universe and they are a significant part of the plot, you may absolutely post that here.

Song-fic. If your fic is about Harry Potter characters using song lyrics for inspiration, it may be a great fic but it doesn't belong here. Also your original poem or song doesn't belong here by itself, as much as I might like to read it.

Fanmixes. Unless your fanmix is for a five-minute fandom. (Also please don't link the files directly here, but you may link to another journal where it's hosted.)

Bandom/author/artist RPS. Also may be great, also doesn't belong here. An exception would be if your work is based on one particular autobiographical (or allegedly autobiographical) song or poem.

What may eventually be frequently asked questions:

What it the fandom is actually more than five minutes long?

"Five minutes" is just a guideline. If it's slightly longer than that it's no problem.

What if the fandom is a series of songs or videos?

If it's in self-contained segments, and they're all short, that should be fine. Works based on albums are allowed even if they are based on the whole album, especially since as far as I know there are no other communities for that.

What if the fandom is not in English?

This is encouraged. If possible, provide a translation into English or a summary, but this is not absolutely required. is a good place to look for song lyric translations.

A few ground rules:

Any kind of fic or art, of any rating, type of pairing, or "kink" is allowed here.

Please give a rating for fic and use SFW or NSFW for art. Please warn for common triggers in your fic or art and in the canon if you're linking it. You may use masking if you don't want to give spoilers for a fic. Please always warn for profanity in audio and for nudity in video.

Please put any fic or art under a cut, whether it's safe for work or not.

No insulting the canon. (Discussing it is fine, but don't say "Who would want fic for this stupid commercial?")

On linking to copyrighted material: Please don't directly distribute copyrighted material through this community. You may however link to anything that is already up on Youtube, poetry sites, and the like, and you may link to a post in your own journal. Just don't post downloads here directly. If the material is not copyrighted (e.g. a very old poem) you may post it here under a cut if you like.

On real-people fic: Youtube videos of all types are a rich source of five-minute fandoms. However please do not post RPF using the real identity of any person who is not a "celebrity," at least in Youtube terms. Anyone who puts themselves forth as a Youtube personality should be fine to write about. Also please always put a standard "this didn't really happen" disclaimer on any RPF. (Animals, however, are always fair game...)

You may post in the LiveJournal community, the Dreamwidth community, or both. If you'd like me to link your work in the other community I'd love to do that, but I won't do it unless you specify in your post that I can.
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